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April 1956 to April 2006

Donald E. Elliott

4-56/2-61 From Vance AFB to 1611th ATG, 30th ATS, McGuire AFB, C-118. Captain/12-59

2-61/6-63 IP, C-118 TTU, Tinker AFB

6-63/7-65 AFIT, University of Oklahoma

7-65/7-66 C-118, ABG @ Tinker AFB, pilot for MG McNichol

8-66/12-67 C-118, Chief Pilot, TUSLOG Det 10, Incirlik AB, Turkey. Major/11-66.

12-67/12-68 Patient, USAF Hospital Scott, Scott AFB

12-68/2-71 C-141, 86th MAS, Current Operations, 60th MAW. Lieutenant Colonel/10-70

3-71/6-72 C-118, Chief Pilot, 20th Ops Sqdn (Air Evac), Clark AB, PI

Married Captain Nancy Noll on 12-27-71 in Tokyo, Japan

6-72/8-75 C-141, Ops Officer, 86th MAS, Director of Current Operations, 60th MAW

Retired as Lieutenant Colonel on 8-31-75 w/ 28 years, two months active duty

8-75/8-79 Owned and operated Village Frame and Art, Vacaville, CA

8-79/8-80 Nancy attended Command & Staff @ Maxwell AFB. I was lone male spouse of 450 spouses

8-80/10-80 Charter Pilot for Alamo Flyers, Stinson Field, San Antonio

10-80/3-83 Corporate Pilot, Medina Valley Livestock Reproduction Laboratory, Castroville, TX

3-83/6-88 Nancy assigned as Executive Officer of Air Force Surgeon General. While in her assignment, I taught at Northern Virginia Community College, Woodbridge, VA

6-88/6-94 Nancy assigned as Clinic Commander, Brooks AFB, '88-92; Medical Group Commander, Randolph AFB in '92-'94. While she was at Brooks, I achieved my life ambition of becoming President of the Officer's Spouse's Club (OWC). Nancy retired as a Colonel in '94 with 28 years, eight months active duty

6-94/4-06 Nancy and I have been enjoying our retired life and lots of traveling