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Born on May 15, 1933 in Evansville, Indiana

Graduated from Reitz Memorial HS, May 1951

Graduated Evansville College, December 1954, BS Business  

     Admin, ROTC Dec 4, 1955 as 2nd Lt., AFRes


Mar 15 to Apr 24, 1955  Lackland AFB, Tex

Apr 25 to Nov 1, 1955  Spence AB, GA

Oct 29, 1955  married Mary Ann Cecil in Evansville, Ind

Nov 2, 1955 to Jan 2, 1956  Williams AFB, Ariz

Jan 3 to Apr 27, 1956  Laughlin AFB, Tex


May to Dec 1956  Stewart AFB, Tenn

     May 10 to 13  Base Supply Officer

     May 14  Pilot, C-123 Troop Carrier

     Sep 15  1st Lt

     Sep 20  son, Jerome R. Goebel, Jr born


Jan 1957 to Apr 1957  Craig AFB, Ala

     T-33 Instructor School


Apr 1957 to Apr 1958  Bryan AFB, Tex (base closed)

     T-33 Instructor, 3531 Plt Trg Sq


May 1958 to Apr 1962  Reese AFB, Tex

     T-33 instructor, 3500 Plt Trg Sq

     ATC Supervisor Course

     Asst. Flt Cmdr

     Instructor Instrument Course, Connally AFB, Tex

     Feb 8, 1959 daughter, Jennifer Ann born

     May 3, 1960 1st Lt., RegAF

     Squadron Officer School, Maxwell AFB, Ala

     Survival Training Course, Stead AFB, Nev

     Apr 3, 1960  Captain


May 1962 to Dec 1963  Ankara, Turkey

     Air Operations Officer (Flt Svc), Detached from Rhine Main

     AB, Germany (closed)

     T-33 Instructor and F/E

     T-39 Instructor and F/E

     Senior Pilot


Jan 1964 to Dec 1964  Ankara, Turkey

     Asst Base Operations Officer @ Esenboga Airport

     T-39 Instructor and F/E


Jan 1965 to Sep 1967  Webb AFB, Tex

     Asst Base Operations and Command Post Officer,

     3560th Plt Trg Wg

     Jan 21, 1965  daughter, Judith Ann born

     T-38 Instructor School, Craig AFB, Ala

     Training Officer, 3561st Student Sq

     Counterinsurgency Course, Maxwell AFB, Ala

     Academic Instructor, 3561st Student


Sep 30, 1967  separated from Air Force




Oct to Dec 1967  Denver, Colo

     DC-6 Second Officer (flight engineer) training


Jan 1968 to Feb 1986  Alexandria, VA (Washington Nat’l Airport)

     DC-6 Second Officer (S/O)

     B-737 S/O

     B-727 S/O

     DC-10 S/O

     Jan 1985 B-727 First Officer (F/O) Co-pilot Chicago O’Hare



Feb 1986 to Jul 1992 Arlington Hts, Ill (Chicago O’Hare Airport)

     B-727 F/O

     DC-10 F/O

     Sep 1988 B-737 Captain

     B-727 Captain


Jul 1992 to May 1995  Alexandria, VA (Dulles Airport)

     B-767/B-757 Captain

     May 1993 removed from Captain and F/O positions

     (by FAA Regs)

     May 1993 DC-10 S/O (Chicago O’Hare Airport)

     May 1995  retired completely


May 1995 to Present

     Doing whatever Mary Ann, the kids, and the grandkids want me

     to do!

     I do have a couple of volunteer jobs that keep me fairly busy. 

     I am the corresponding secretary for the Washington area

     United Retired Pilots Association.  With United Airlines in

     bankruptcy and trying to “do away” with so many benefits I’ve

     been  quite busy.